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 Timberwolves said
Yeah, my first playthrough took me weeks it was so fu*king long but that what I love about it you never really feel the ending is coming near it's kinda long in a good way you know you're on a long story/journey. You dont feel rushed and when you feel the ending coming you're like finally and taken by surprise.

I really truly believe Rockstar would not have gone out and did as much as they did if Witcher 3 didn't put pressure on the industry with open world rpg type games.

AC odyssey is basically a W3 clone too.

What im saying is Witcher 3 is standard and I will always call that the best of all time RPG and highly recommend you play it.
I want to cop this on release day, but you know how I am about spending thatfull 60 bucks, and then when you beat the game its nothing else to do.

I would prefer to cop after it gets on sale, but Im anxious. I hear allot of people saying its boring online and nothing to do.

On GTA they got allot of sh*t to do. Give me some game on Red Dead Online, because I almost copped Gears, but now Im glad I didnt. I may get this sh*t full price.