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Eminem and DMX were beefin back around 1999, and began firin not-so-subliminals at eachother....

Em: "ion give a fu*k if it's dark or not, i'ma k*ll you and them loud a*s muthafu*kin barkin dogs..." Dr. Dre's Forgot About Dre

X: "iono who the fu*k you think you talkin to/ but i ain him aiight SLIM so watch what you do...."
"you wack, you twisted, your girl's a ho/ you broke, the kid ain't yours, and erbody know//your own man say you stupid, you be like 'so/i love my babymother, i'll never let her go..." -Party Up (Up In Here)

we all know bout em's prollems wit kim...

but they were somehow united to record "go To Sleep" along with obie trice for one of x's movie soundtracks...50 prolly got them together over their common disdain for ja rule