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Money Mic Ė Over the summer your name was brought up as being involved in a physical altercation with Jadakiss and Styles P during a concert after party at Hockeytown Cafe... Rumors spread through out the internet and it even got to the point where the D-Block camp posted a statement about what took place. Since no one has really had a chance to hear your side of the story why donít give us the truth about what really happened at the Jadakiss after party and what role did you play if any at all??

Trick Trick Ė Well ... I had a major role in the situation because Jadakiss at that time and I still consider her an a*sociate of mine.. I donít know the man personally, personally, personally like that so heís not necessary a friend but I respect him as a G.. cause I know the boy is a gangsta.. and I respect him as an artist.. But I canít say the same thing for his entourage Ya know he had one individual that got extremely disrespectful and was disrespectful all f#ckin night... and it wasnít my job to straighten his mutha f#ckin monkey a*s out until he got in my path...So once he crossed the line and started f#ckin with me he jumped to a whole new ballgame.. And I had 10 million reasons to give the mutha f#cka a pass and I did give his a*s a pass and I gave him pass after pass after pass... but when you disrespect me as a man I gotta straighten you out.. I donít have no choice ... I donít give a f#ck who you with.. I donít give a f#ck who you know or who the f#ck your mom and daddy is... If I donít straighten you out then you subject to come back and do the sh*t again... And I ainít gonna be lookin over my mutha f#ckin back or watchin out for no punk a*s n!gga to come back again...

Now Styles P was not necessarily the culprit but he escalated the situation to the point to where it came to blows...because Jadakiss was gone.. Jadakiss was in the car... He has to be secure as an artist and he was .. so he was gone.. but his boys was still up there actin a fool and cuttin a rug and acting stupid and at that point when Styles P decided to get extremely disrespectful.. not necessarily disrespectin me as an individual though he did but his words were... quote ď fu*k Yall n!ggas... fu*k Detroit n!gga.. D-Block in this bi*chĒ and then I just kinda told the big homie to go ahead and knock his mutha f#ckin teeth back.. Big Homie was standin in the front like always holdin me down.. And Big Tone dropped that bi*ch...

And I gotta give it up to my n!gga G... from Nothin To Lose and my n!gga DJ K-Nice cause there was 15 of them bi*ches and there was 1..2..3..4 of us.. It was just Me and Big Tone at first and then G from Nothin To Lose came in instantly and K-Nice instantly soon as he seen what was goin on.. ya know when the blows startin goin to blows it was a done deal... But we had them mutha f#ckas wrecked.. Detroit is not a closed market to them mutha f#ckas... they can come back... but now when they come back I want them bi*ches to come back with humbleness and respect.. not sayin Jadakiss... because Jadakiss is welcome anytime he f#ckin want.. He can spend the night at my mutha f#ckin house if he want... I got love for the n!gga... but Styles P you gonna have to learn how to be respectful or he gonna get his a*s whooped everytime he step foot in this mutha f#cka... I donít have no problem with f#ckin that bi*ch up.... F#ck him... and the mutha f#cka that raised his a*s... And there it is..

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