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how many black rappers
say CRACKER,white bi*ches,??????s ETC ETC??

plenty of them

you dont see the white community looking for justice

sh*t is comedy and for the dude who said
EMINEM is a huge racist LOL

if he was racist he wouldnt be devoting time and money in to a HORRIBLE group by the name of ... d 12?? d 12 is not even considerd a profit its more like eminem donating he has made no finacial gains off them and he most likley doubled down.

so for such a racist guy i dont see how he could a*sociate and contribute to a buisness ran by BLACK PEOPLE

just because hes a sucess and made a fortune and made 10x more then half of these rappers that are black dosent mean that every slip and fall should be held accountable

especially when the song was what 15 years old