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 Frankie Needles said
Funny nobody equates the worsening situations in the world with the breakdown and lessening of the Church.

Yeah naw those 2 things have NOTHING in common, it's just a random coincidence that there's a breakdown of order, increasing hostilities among people, all out a*saults on the nuclear family, a forcing of perverted behaviors (see the transagenda) happening at the same time that the Church and Faith as we know it is being pushed out as a central foundation of society

I know I know, the church haters are going to smack away and find away to somehow STILL blame the church and Christianity for the current wave of ills society is seeing because EVERYTHING is the Churches fault
You sound like the dude who was mad Disney for being too woke when they removed sh*t from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Also the irony of the church being "attacked" when all they've done is attack people since the beginning who didn't think the same way they do. Christianity is one of the biggest oppressors in history

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