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 Hellmatic said
how is this sh*t not illegal. I heard you can watch movies in the theatres and ppv boxing matches on there. Maybe they under the radar for now like tv-links back then
Kodi itself is just a media player. There's nothing illegal about. The 3rd party developers and the add-ons they create are the ones that are... well...

 gunshot225 said
I ordered a Lil cheap box from amazon and it's been going strong for about a year now. Damn box doesn't even have a name. Genesis wouldn't update this morning so I just uninstalled it and installed it again and it's back working now. I'm testing out the Spartan build on the pc and it seems to be working good. Just a lot of add-ons I don't wont.
Install the lambda repo if you want to get the latest, official updates for Genesis.