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 Hellmatic said
good looks but i got a few questions. Do the movies you download take memory in the kodi system which is installed in your pc or mac? or does it work like a cloud drive where it wont impact your hard drive putting a movie there? Also since kodi is essentially a media player why people telling me to get kodi instead of staying with my bittorrent? can i download movies, music, programs, vsts directly through the kodi software? i currently wanna watch the amy documentary but i cant find it anywhere. I dont see a point in me using kodi besides the screen size when all ill use it for is to play movies it would just be a windows media player replacement..
1. If you stream a movie in Kodi using on of the many 3rd party add-ons, it only takes up space temporarily on the cache.

2. Streaming movies through Kodi is much safer (and faster since you're streaming and not downloading) than downloading movies using torrents.

3. Kodi is not a download manager.