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 Iduzdis said
You’re spot on.

Aside molestation trauma, influence to confuse, chemical definitely has create some to come out the womb gay.
BPA and all kids of pesticide in our food.
Now it’s not even that, it’s be legislated (teach gay s*x Education to 1st graders. Attempting to force puppetry blocker without parent consent)
This sh*t is not gonna be pretty in future.
And parenting is all wrong too.

Babies not posta have stomach issues where u gotta burp em

They normalized that sh*t like babies posta burp after every meal

Babies cant have starch(potatoes n corn) and meat for the first 6 months IIRC or it causes that burping and can lead to problems if u dont burp em(including the 9 months while in the womb)