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 Fauby said
Read up on what the residential schools are and what they were meant to do.

He's basically the architect of a reeducation program to strip people of their heritage and culture to re teach and make them believe in a different religion/god.

How dense can you be? They mentioned he was the architect, anyone who knows what that school was knows the history and what it was.

This wasn't a grade 1-12 school teaching math....

Naaa, NVM man I'm done with you. Have a good day yo.. read up on some history and you'll know why people BEEN protesting him and half the founders of Canada for years now..

Iím going to say it one last time. Because youíre still arguing about a completely different topic than what you quoted me for...

 Nautilus O said
They wrote that entire article and never mentioned any of the things attributed to him that are causing people to protest.

What a waste of internet data
Can you read?