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People don't listen and pay attention, especially the hard headed "follow the science" crowd, who do anything but follow the "science." I've posted this list from the FDA several times. When the experimental "vaccine" was first released on the market, they had "Myocarditis" among the list of possible adverse outcomes on their list of outcomes that can happen ANYTIME AFTER TAKING THE EXPERIMENTAL COVID 19 VACCINE. This is nothing new to them but they are on TV pretending as if it's new and that they have to "investigate."

People even caught heart attacks during the heart attack for crying out loud. This "vaccine does a range of things to people at different times.

They got their bought and paid for experts on TV now trying to talk about it on TV now to jump in front of it to try to downplay it, doing damage control.

Good luck to you people that got the experimental covid shots.

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