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 Sammyboi22 said
How short of a throw do you want and what resolution. When you get to a certain point a TV actually makes more sense. Especially now that 4K 70” TVs are going for $1,500 and they will be better resolution than a projector that would give you a 90” display.

See that's the thing. I have a lg 65 inch oled now and it has burn in. Got kinda spoiled with the oled picture so no other tv will please me. With that being said i I was debating on another oled but I want a bigger size. The problem with that is it's a lot more than I'm willing to spend. So my choices are get another oled and settle for the same size and risk as my current one with burn in or spend that same money on a decent ultra short throw. Now I already know the picture on the projectors won't come anywhere close to the oled but at this point I just want something where I can have a decent 4k image and go up to 120 inches if I want without breaking the bank.