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 QueSunTzu said
sh*t they got nothing on my hoods ignorant sh*t. Somebody got stabbed around corner from my house over popeyes chicken sandwitch in Maryland.

I remember when nihhaz use to get robbed or k*lled for Northfaces.

"Marshall was gunned down because of a beef over a stolen $349 jacket. It was not just any jacket but a Steep Tech mountain-climbing jacket from The North Face company, a hot symbol of urban cool.

"The North Face was the focal point of it," says Lt. Lamar Greene of the D.C. police violent crimes branch, his tone official. "Marshall made a transaction for the coat. He doesn't get the coat, so Marshall takes the coat. The guy gets his crew and that's what led to the shooting."

Before then I remember people dying over Eddie Bauers.

"Hobbled by a shortage of willing eyewitnesses, police continued searching yesterday for a man who stabbed to death a 20-year-old college student and robbed him of his Eddie Bauer coat as he was leaving a Greenbelt movie theater Thursday night."

I heard of plenty incidents nihhaz got k*lled over sneakers in the DC metropolitan area.

A Washington, D.C., teen was k*lled this week all because of his brand-new, bright-red Nike Air Jordans, his mom believes.

According to the Washington Post, James Anthony Smith had desperately wanted the shoes for Christmas, and so his mother paid $220 for the coveted shoes and gave the 17-year-old his Christmas gift early.

But shot up mall aint got nothing on stabbing over a chicken sandwitch. People die for less though.
Parents used to be scared to get they yungins a spyder,face or Columbia