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Originally Posted by LBoogie2122

Artists who i heard were pus*y, most robbed more than twice
Busta Rymes
jazze phae
Dr. Dre
Shyheim from the wu
Mase(to the 20th power) got yapped for his chain at a knick game
Jermaine Dupri
camron(still my man tho)
stephon marbury got his chain yapped while takin a nap in his car in NY
Allen iverson's been robbed many times
i hear young buck did get his gunit chain yapped in chicago
DMX, i heard its all a front for image
of course Ja Rule and Irv, but i heard irv's brother holds massive weight
50's hood but i hear he has NO thorough backup
Snoop lost his juice, but is backed by the crips only because he makes songs to crip to.

dog..are you serious??? what defines a man as "pu**y" is that he's been robbed???
have you ever been robbed??? have you ever had your life threatened with a pistol?
for a "material" item??? i used to rob dudes for air jordans as a me, it didnt make em "pu**y" that they gave up they made them "intelligent"..cuz my ignorant a*s would of k*lled them...and ruined there life and mine in the process...
i promise that , unless your that "ignorant", youd give up your possessions for your "life".....larry hoover(founder of the crip organization), michael "cowboy" harris(real founder of death row records and notorious druglord), pappy mason, "freeway" ricky ross(cali drug kingpin), "white boy" rick(detroit druglord), Joey "all cartel" encarcion(texas drug kingpin) were all "robbed" at some point in their come up(some even numerous times) and are more "gangster" than any rapper thats ever put out a record. thats the grind...anyone of any stature at any time can get "got"..
so kick all that non sense to the curb...who cares??? what are these rappers doing to improve their respective communities??? and better yet, who , of these rappers, is "robbing" their own hoods???
its time to think...