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 i am not a MOD said
jay-z did snuff fat joe and did get hit wit a bottle after snuffin fat joe, but after gettin hit wit the bottle pun and joe left quick, it was about to be over for dem cuz hov was strapped, then lance got stabbed, jay didnt do it, but he aint no snitch so he copped a plea, to this day fat joe hates jay, "dont even talk about the rucker"- fat joe's team has won at the rucker, jays team didnt show, "im the proud new owner of the nets, no diploma no regrets, dont even talk about no rucker motherfu*ker i am set"-jay-z, fat joe is yet to respond, and if u listen to the mind right remix jay-z, memphis bleek, h money, and beans, jay is talkin to pun and joe.-just the facts.

And on the Diamonds remix Hov is like "The pressure on, but guess who ain't gun' crack, pardon me I had to laugh at that"