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 cuzjuan said
yeah never heard of em until today, had to google em..
they have over 250 game franchises, sheesh..

but only cost 10 billy.. them or ubi would be a good catch for xbox, especially with game pass.

and i heard sony cant really buy much they are over 2 trillion in loan debt... so all these smart guys talking about sony making pure money, it's really just paying off the principle for their debt they owe...

we finding out alot of inside business with this acquisition, crazy crazy sh*ts crazy

for those crying about xbox taking games.. do yall remember how sony got in the game? to challenge nintendo,, not to make great games!
and also they stole all their games when they began from nintendo ie. final fantasy.. ppl act like it started as some sony imagined greatness, that was nintendo, sony stole it from nintendo along with others to jump start their play station...

just some straightening for yall ponies
Sony has $2 Trillion in debt, yikes. Maybe they should put God of War and Spiderman on Gamepass. It worked for MLB the Show