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Lord Vermelho 
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 G.W. said
So you wanted him to shimmy when they were losing? Yeah, Iím sure your corny a*s would have nothing to say about that
They'd be saying "Why he celebrating and he down 12/15/18/22/30 points? He a dumbass. You see, he should be quiet and win the game instead of celebrating when he losin!". They pure dumbasses. They just hate steph. The only thing I hate about steph and GSW was the Jordan talk. Steph was not qualified in any way to be compared to the GOAT that soon, that early over his reg season sh*t. It was a slap in the face to basketball history and to the GOAT directly. Draymond kicking people in the groin and in general, and dirty a*s zaza intentionally injuring people. Draymond got a big mouth talking sh*t and his mouth ran KD outta town too.

They puffed their chests out way too much, and way too early in their run and that made them unlikeable. I always say, the Pre KD warriors had a chance to go down like the 90s bulls if they kept winning with their homegrown core. But they all fu*ked that up but I respect Steph's pre KD run, just miss me with the Jordan talk and sh*t.

Same dudes talking about GSW having no competition the same dudes that praise lebron, wade, and Bosh miami superteam for beating up on the likes of Kemba walker, and excuse lebron from his new LA superteam.