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 unit321 said

A theoretical physicist said Friday the United States should be very concerned about a 23-ton piece of debris from a Chinese rocket that's expected to crash back to Earth sometime this weekend.

Michio Kaku, a professor at the City College of New York, said during an appearance on CNN's New Day program that the country should be worried "like a bat out of hell" about the rocket stage's impending reentry into the atmosphere.

"This 20-ton rocket, the Chinese Long March 5B rocket, is tumbling out of control, and it could hit anywhere as far north as New York City or as far south as New Zealand," Kaku said.

I'm sure if it landed in the US, conspiracy theorists would a*sume it was timed accordingly on purpose. If it lands in the ocean, I wonder if it gets close to hitting a boat. Odds of that happening are slim.
If it lands on my house and car, I'm suing. Plus, I would be auctioning off the hunk of metal to the highest bidder for some cash monayyyy.

n*gga if 20 tons of rocket debris fall on your house, you’re gonna be at a Pop Smoke concert