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One day back in high school I was working at Sonics, it was one of those loooong days, when your body is tired, your and clothes are wet from spraying down the floor with the hose, you smell and you ain't seen a bed in days.

I went 7/11 with my last 5 dollars to get a slurpee and bag of chips. So I give the clerk my 5 and back then that slurpee and bag of chips was a dollar even. So she tells me I only gave her one dollar instead of 5 and I couldn't get my change back, and either I had to give up the slurpee or chips.

I had been taking and eating sh*t all day, and what I wasn't about to do was let this racist bi*ch (and she was racist) take my last 5 on some dumb sh*t. This bi*ch attempted to argue me down about my money and refused to open the drawer to check. Now I'm usually a reserved cat, but that night I went the fu*k off on that bi*ch. Wrecked the store, cussed her out and left with $10 worth of sh*t unpaid for my pain and suffering. My bro seen I was so out my character n*ggas sparked an el immediately and we chiefed that bi*ch walking the rest of the way home