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 slicktheruler said
The chicks I've been trying to get at, been saying I have no time. Sh!t, I am making moves, getting certifications and stacking up bread. But damn, I sure need a cuddy buddy... none of these chicks want that right now. All I hear is "I want a man that can cook, clean, have a nice job and can take her on vacation." and my answer is always, "You must be in search of a sugar daddy, right?" Next thing you know, I am having dinner by myself.
man shorty who keeps text me since last night is annoying as hell because she does nothing for herself but, calls and text me can you take me to the gym, mall, can I use you amazon a few hours ago she text me and asked me to drive her sister from jersey to Long Island to get her bag had me looking at the phone like :wtf: I didn't even respond

she's the type who won't go outside or do anything unless someone with her thats the total opposite of hat im looking for

the shorty I do want be is so independent I barely hear from her