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 North!!! said
I got lucky bought a 2005 camry from a church member

for 1100 had like 185k miles when got it

still runs and everything my first car too

they say camry's good til like 300k miles

ride this jawn til it's done and buy something else cheap

ain't gonna lie ain't a car person like that; just got my license at 26

but i'd never push no foreign round my ends

too many potholes and n*ggaz crash everyday b
smart move,
I know so many idiots gettin paid 14-16$ an hour and they out here with foreigns, spend damn near 70% of each paycheck on a damn car. And then wonder why they got absolutely no money saved (which means they're a bad incident away from being homeless), buying a house, sh*t they can't even afford netflix subscription