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 t from the 617 said
Idk man that comparison is off. Youíre talking about donating clothes or similar sh*t that will def help a couple people, and average people do it all the time

Iím talking about ending world hunger or homelessness in America, helping humanity on a much larger scale than donating an old coat and couple cans of soup.

And if nobody worried about anybody else there would be far much more injustice in the world. Some people are more in position to make a difference than others. No offense but this is a pretty shallow take.
U have a brain and a heart tho. If this is what u really want so bad come up with away to make some money or create technology. I dnt like the idea of sitting back complaining while trying to force another person to take care of the world with what he has gained. Should he be helping the world more? yes. I think everyone should be helping the world more but this is my opinion. I dnt have the right to tell him what to do with is money just like he cant tell me what to do with mine.