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 GodsFavorite said
Ima need you to explain your take on the 6s cause I have a few for the style but my god they are miserable to walk around in. 6s feel like you are standing on a stone slab. They are the only Jordan that feels like it has 0% cushion, and most Jordanís are pretty uncomfortable

11s and 13s are decently comfortable but still nowhere near a boost or zoom or react
I will say that certain models hold up and have better comfort than others. There's a lot of variability with fit amongst the ~8-10 pairs of Jordan 1s I have. I may have just gotten a really good quality pair of alternate 91s but there is PLENTY of room for my toe to not get crushed, and the comfort is good for walking in them.

I've got boost and ultraboosts, love the sh*t out of my ultraboost uncageds. I want to try a pair of reacts, really want the element 85s but they're outrageous priced