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 AnuthaOne said
he wasnt rapping like bone thugs he was rappin like k-rock

one of his best verses
he a memphis legend
we can agree to disagree. but this song is perfect example. he started rapping his owe style. but at the end he soudning like bone.

but do he have anymore songs or mixtapes or albums out. he was so dope.
what happen to him. wikipedia said he died. why did him and 3 6 mafia felt out.

did he go to jail or just start working a 9 to 5.

can you post some of his work.

if he is rapping like that. i would like to here some more.

i remember he was on the live by your rep ep where they would dissing bone thugs. and the song was called be a witness. that one of the most hypotizing tracks ever.

it was scary but the whistle and bells sample was so hyportizing.

i use to love this sound.

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