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As far as gut health, i see people taking tons of probiotics. But that's only a fraction. In fact probiotics can actually make things worse in certain cases. 4 major things that help your gut health are unrefined sea, resistant starch and good fats.

Proper hydration . Alot of people and I mean ALOT of people are walking around dehydrated and dont know. You have alot of people with health issues. And it came from years and years of chronic dehydration. Chronic dehydration can cause yeast overgrowth in the gut! Less fluid means less stomach acid, less pathogens leaving the body and lower internal organ functionality. ALot of people dont know this. Chronic dehydration also raises cortisol levels and causes youre adrenals and liver to overwork. Get plenty of salt,potassium and magnesium to hold water in the body. Some people drink purified water with a pinch of unrefined sea salt in it to help hydrate better.

Doctors screwed up a bunch of people telling them to go low on salt. Salt is like your number one defense against pathogens as far as minerals. As long as youre eating potassium rich foods, drinking plenty of water and exercising, salt will not really hurt you. Especially if its unrefined. Table salt is crap. Its unbalanced. Unrefined salt will helps you created more stomach acid so your digestion will be on point. You'll have less putrefaction in the gut.

Another thing they did was tell cats that starch is bad. Not if its coming from the right source. Sweet potatoes!!! Boil them. Baking them will turn them into sugar and destroy the starch. Your good gut flora will love them.

Omegas especially omega 3 help seal your gut. Wild caught alsakan salmon is like the best source. Some people like avocados. But some are allergic to them because of a latex allergy.

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