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 pnoi89 said
For one, openly suggesting a juice fast to OP without even knowing sh*t about his background is negligent, where the majority of the macros is very high in carbs and extremely low in protein.... It is especially a terrible idea if ol' boy is diabetic due to a sugar dependent diet.

Two, regardless of giving your "digestive system" a break, which doesn't have any peer-review, credible science to back up the benefits.... Taking 1,000 calories of juice will easily put ol' boy in a caloric deficit, if he chooses to try fasting, which will ultimately have him lose weight from it. His Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) isn't going to suddenly change from a juice fast, or any sort of fast, but will adjust as his weight changes....
lol this is a hip hop forum my n*gga. what the fu*k you talking about, nobody here is giving medical advise. Way to switch up from the facts. I don't see anybody else putting him on a diabetic diet. With the info i know which is nothing, u have to a*sume he's healthy.

Peer review? Its common fu*king sense. You not eating anything so your not breaking anything down which halts peristalsis aka your intestines and then your gut don't need blood supply b/c there is no food.

he wants to lose weight fast....juice fast is the way to do it

i got more medical knowledge on the tip of my foreskin then you do in your entire body my n*gga. Don't reply to this. You trying to sound smart, and you might sound smart to ignorant a*s n*ggas, but don't come at me with that bullsh*t.

edit: i hate when dumb n*ggas deflect from the original point. n*ggas said it was a eating schedule and this n*gga goes on to tell me your being negligent by telling him to go on a juice fast. stfu.

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