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Masta Ace's first record was "The Symphony"

Biz Markie did NOT produce EPMD's first album, only the track "Jane". He was supposed to produce it, but Biz's label at the time saw EPMD as competition, so was told not to do it.

According to Roc Marciano (of The U.N), Nas was supposed to be on the track "Young G's", but when they were all there in teh studio, Nas heard B.I.G spit som elines he wrote and said (qoute) "Iím out of here man! I ainít rappin on that sh*t! I ainít gonna catch a beatdown like that!". Jay-Z was called to replace Nas.....

Before BDP, KRS-One was part of a group called "Celebrity 3". It included members Jerry Lee & an M.C called Cast and they released a few songs, most notabley "Got to Advance" in 1985.

The Roots lived in London in 1993-94 and record an albums worth of material, which was subsequently shortened down & released as an E.P on Talkin Loud Records called "From The Ground Up", half of the material used their was used on their 1994 L.P "Do You Want More?!!?"

The D.O.C's (Hip Hop classic) album "No One Can Do It Better" is platinum certified....