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 jerzj75 said
I don't think shyheim is weak. I sense nothing but realness from him
there was a point were he lived down the block from me, trust me my man,he's been disrespected quite a few times

one day while playin cee-lo on the block shyheim lost & had the nerve to tell the n*gga he aint payin :thefu*k: you kno what happened?

n*gga: "oh word?"

he clapped him dead in his face so hard,shyheim blacked out for a few minutes this n*gga was laid out,mouf wide open, dude st8 put that head to bed

ducktales? i was there,we was young but we laughed SOOOOOOOO hard

one day shyheim was on one of those motorized scooters when they 1st came out, like the razor scooters but wit a lil motor on the back

his girl was on it too holdin him by the waste

all of a sudden outta nowhere some n*gga came up & clotheslined shyheim sendin him AND shorty flyin but what makes it so funny is that his lil scooter was still wobbilin down the block