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-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.
^^ my n*gga jayson was there, he cosigns this, this is where the fat joe/hova "animosity" started

Jigga was on stage a lil tipsy with the mic and pun and joe came up to rock and hova didnt want to get off.. said some slick sh*t to joey and pun and Pun cracked him with a bottle of bacardi. PUN speaks on it in "100%" if you listen to the lyrics.

Don't let the liquor fool you, cause I'll stick it to you
Somethin sharp to the heart, or somethin big to move you
The Desert or the shottie, whateva you the body
that chose to be the dumb n*gga at the party
Too much Bacardi started speakin dumb
Then you tried to snuff Joe - must have been Puerto Rican rum