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the real reason jay-z doesnt like camron is because dame dash gave camron temp ceo position of rocafella at one point while both dame & jay were away on business/vacation, cam was talkin sh*t on radio stations, screamin @ heads who work there like he started the business from the ground up like jay did,he didnt like that

sean paul is not allowed within 100 feet of beyonce or jigga 'cause during the shotting for baby boy,sean paul tried to scoop beyonce by dissin her man sayin somethin alomg the lines of

"get wit a cute n*gga like you deserve"

50 cent tried the same thing too

everybody kno busta rymes is aftermath now? :thefu*k:

its rumored that singer houston really didnt try to k*ll himself, it was a cover up for something muuuch deeper........................

50 cent & ja rule's beef never started be4 they were famous, they didnt even kno each other, real reason's because ja was rollin with his posse one day just after he got famous, saw 50 cent rollin alone (after how to rob) started talkin sh*t so 50 clapped him dead in his eye, this was before ja poked him with a knife