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 fame614 said
and also the main reason Cube left N.W.A was because Jerry Heller and Eazy weren't paying the group their fair share of money they've earned for record sales and touring.
MC Ren confirmed this & said they would be at Jerry's house looking at gold leaf wallpaper he had like WTF....also confirmed by Dre's former bodyguard/assistant Bruce Williams in his book

Big Hutch from Above the Law said Eazy admitted to him just before he died that he found out Jerry was fu*king all of his artists financially. Then he fired Heller & all his lawyer relatives. Right after that he got diagnosed w/ AIDS & a few months later died from pneumonia his body couldn't f*ght off.

BG Knoccout said he knew cats w/ AIDS who were around much longer than that & said that the virus normally doesn't k*ll a motherfu*ker so fast