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 JFamis said
They donít have a choice but to write them out. They both want to move on.

You donít need seven years to do a JL movie. Marvel did a team-up movie in 4 years. I imagine this wonít be for quite a while tho... like after the Blue Beetle, Static, Supergirl movies, etc.
I don't mean they need 7 yrs but give the characters time to grow a bit. Given how long the flash has taken to get to just production

DC has a lot of lore but they keep rebuilding the same characters and we can't see more of a "universe" until they branch out

A version of Flashpoint is being used to fix things vs building up to it and making it epic

That's just me though since reverse flash storyline is amazing and I don't wanna see them fu*k it up by trying to build a multiverse out of it