Thread: News Article or Interview How to Make & Keep ALOT of Money in Crypto
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 Mr. Moses said
So there's definitely value in btc maximizing and sh*tcoining. If you are sh*tcoining all your short term profits should be feeding your btc. That's really the only long term 2030 and beyond hodl. But these sh*tcoins still can make you some bread between now and the next halving!

Market is too hot to not sh*tcoin! Find you a ~5,000,000 - 10,000,000 market cap defi product with a visible linkedin level team, viable market strategy and functional product that offers some sort of value, hodl, watch your coin go up 3x's in 6 months then feed your bitcoins with your sh*tcoin gains that are destroying btc's 6 month gains.
like i keep saying i get it. i just know it's impossible to time the market . look at the charts i posted , in the long run those small gains were nothing and another thing traders conveniently forget to mention is capital gains tax getting n*ggas rekt lmao . bc i know they are buying sh*tcoins off kyc exchanges. just be safe y'all.