Thread: News Article or Interview How to Make & Keep ALOT of Money in Crypto
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 MulaAve said
Bro you know it’s a bull market right?

Why would I keep my money in bitcoin during alt season. Bitcoin dominance has been going down for a reason.

You’re a bitcoin maximalist. Ain’t no reasoning with y’all.

All I know is my portfolio has outperformed bitcoin since I’ve been investing, and that works for me. Do what works for you.
yes i understand quite well. all i'm saying is why put yourself thru the headache. no one can time the market and if they tell they can they are a fu*king liar. all you have to do is stack sats and in the long run (wealth building is all about the long game) bitcoin is going to absolutely crush every and any a*set dude. stack sats. and yes i am 100% bitcoin maxi lol there is zero reasoning with us bc all those sh*tcoins are centralized . pre mined , i can go on on ...also seriously check out any guy swan podcast it's called bitcoin audible. be safe out there tho if you do continue to trade to stack more sats.

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