Thread: News Article or Interview How to Make & Keep ALOT of Money in Crypto
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 ericsupreme said
lmao sept/oct small time trader thinking. again go watch any michael saylor interview and/or read the bitcoin standard and get back with me. trust me i get it . i was a sh*tcoiner before too, you wont' have sh*t bc for a decade straight bitcoin is up 200% a year and the 2nd best performing (legal) a*set in the world including all sh*tcoins COMBINED ain't even close. my dude.
Bro you know itís a bull market right?

Why would I keep my money in bitcoin during alt season. Bitcoin dominance has been going down for a reason.

Youíre a bitcoin maximalist. Ainít no reasoning with yíall.

All I know is my portfolio has outperformed bitcoin since Iíve been investing, and that works for me. Do what works for you.