Thread: News Article or Interview How to Make & Keep ALOT of Money in Crypto
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How to Make & Keep ALOT of Money in Crypto

There's a lot of us in Crypto who may know this already but I'm sure a lot of us don't. And if you're not in Crypto, you're missing out but these points will help you when you eventually get in.

It's alt season and a lot of coins are making us a lot of money but keep the following in mind to make sure you keep your money and not lose it.

- In lev trading use leverage below 10x.
- Always move Stop Loss to breakeven or profits when trade goes up 2%.
- Don't hesitate to take profits, there will be always another trade.
- Do not FOMO into trades.
- If buying the top, be prepared to HODL for a while
- Hold 80-90% of portfolio in spot bags
- Don't jump your money from one coin to another just because the coin u have didn't pump yet.
- HOLD your coin and stay patient until it booms
- Never FOMO into a pumped coin.
- Sometimes sitting on your hands is better than making a move
- Buy the dips whenever it happens.
- Don't gamble away all money in the futures.
- Move profits from futures to spot bags.
- Don't spread yourself too thin. make concentrated investments.
- When your coins pump hard take atleast Initial investment out.


- Secure profits, you'll never go broke taking profit.
- Coins are like females. If a coin has been pumped hard already, don't fomo in, there will always be a better trade.
- FOMOing into a pumped coin is like playing step daddy, you need to be in it for the long haul for it to be worth your while.
- Be patient, your coin will get a turn.
- A $1,000 portfolio has no business holding 5 coins. A $10,000 portfolio has no business holding 10 coins. Have conviction and believe in what you're investing in. You don't build wealth spreading yourself in, you preserve it.