Thread: Video in this thread Waka Flocka Moms responds to Oj da Juiceman
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I doubt she made nothing....but on a,lot of sh*t she seemed to be keeping it real. Funny how we praise these street dudes.......think they are the sh*t when they talking about selling drugs at 14.... then be surprised when that paper work aint right and wanna blame others.....if you won't sign a police statement.....and you won't even talk to a police officer until you see a. Attorney.. why the fu*k would you talk to a manager or a a lable with out your lawyer right now. It would be one thing if you were the first ever artist to get jerked in a contract. But its been going on for literally 80 years. If your too stupid to get representation....especially when your new to this sh*t.......then your setting your self up to be taken advantage of and I have zero pity.