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 LYTE said
I'll put my usual few songs and freestyles that I know nobody's going to find but fucc it.

1st Jay-z freestyle over CoolBreeze's "watch for the hook"

30 emcees what y'all recording is crap
I would names name but it ain't important as that.

Reader's note. JayZ also used some of these bars on a Stretch Armstrong or maybe Future Flava freestyle

Cam freestyle over CoolBreeze's "watch for the hook"

Right after Jay's. 1 of Cam's line was
Wear a 10 buy a 12 and an half
When I take coke on planes, somewhere to stash

.ing right along, Nore & Nature had a song with just them 2 of the "blood money 2" beat. I believe it's called "we pour forties"

The hook goes something like
To dead n*gg@s we pour forties
Always taking care of their shorties
Old timers sip wine and tell stories.....

Moving right along to Philly for Major Figgas'
Major Figgas' had a song I believe it was called "shoot to k*ll" simply because the hook went
A yo we shoot to k*ll
Hopping out coupe de villes
......I forget the rest

GDK went last
GDK I be the last one to set sh*t off
But I be the first to let that tech spit off
Run up on y'all n*gg@s, snatch y'all wrist and neck sh*t off
True player bets it all
Never saving them things you're craving

Gillie Da Kid & Spade had a song that dropped around the time "coming 4 ya" by Free/Beans dropped. Stretch Armstrong played it often. I believe it was from when GDK was signed to Suave House. There's no hook. They're just saying "E.A. ALL DAY!"

I remember Spade saying
And that's what I'm here for Stretch, I got to feed him(his son)

GDK says
Who me? I'm in the Bentley and I'm on the phone with
Chris Stokes & Tony Draper
I think they owe me paper
A n*gg@ living I got the right to ball
Y'all n*gg@s barely gold, that's alright for y'all

Moving right along and last. Stretch Armstrong used to play this dude. I believe on the iamnas forum someone said his name is F.T.(f#ck that)
The hook went
We ain't never going no where unless we try
Stress me why
Motherfu*k the f.b.i.

A few lines from that song
I get money all day, then I spend it at night
When I was out of town, I'll sit up and write
To say some sh*t to make a motherfu*ker get up and f*ght
I'm the drugs to the strip
The gun on the hip.

I know nobody will have or at least know but we said rare.

Bonus. Jay-Z's "don't you know" from Paid In Full sdtrk w/the whole 3rd verse not being messed up
I'm so HYPED!!! I found this song by mistake while looking for Red Cafe's freestyle over World Famous. I damn near got emotional seeing it pop up as I scrolled down the screen.

Haven't heard this song since 1998/99. And every time I mentioned it on blogs, nobody knew what I was talking about.

Same sh*t happened when I mentioned the foulness freestyle with nas and nature over the altered Watch Dem n*ggas beat on the Nas forums back in the days.