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 DJT said
don't forget:

Pete Rock - Jamaican
INI - (i think all fo them are Jamaican)
Heavy D (Pete Rocks cousin) - Jamaican
DJ Kool Herc ( The GODFATHER of Hip Hop) - Jamaican
Grandmaster Flash - Barbajan
Busta Rhymes - Jamaican
KRS-One - Jamaican
Smiff n Wessun - Jamaican
The Fugess - Haitian
Alicia Keys - 1/2 Jamaican (father)
Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest) - Trinidadian
Mos Def - Trinidadian:wow:
Mike Zoot - Jamaican
Kardinal Official - Jamaican
Bushwick Bill (Jamaican... Born in Jamaica...)
J-Live - 1/2 Haitian (father)
Dove (Dave from De La Soul) - Haitian

I'm sure there are a LOT more i've missed off of that list...
but yeah.. Us West Indians/caribbeans are some talented mofos right?

:applause: :D
alot of those suprised me :rasta:

West Indies stand up