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 walterroan said
#1 riverside is pus*y. rich kids whos mommy and daddy pay for the aprtment cant rep detroit. for real, i love seein n*ggas rep the d on here but come on you live in a $700.00 a month apt. that aint hood. and trick daddy got fu*ked up by the goon squad cuz he tripped about trick trick stealin his name. he tried to jump trick in miami
but trick trick slipped out like a g. when he came to d-town he got whomped on on stage. and that n*gga was smokin crack in the dressing room. i aint even playin we had the dvd going around for a minute wit all this on it. trick trick ridin in the hood tellin the whole story. i aint tryin ta beef wit nobody but come on dog, riverside? at least just lie an say you from the east side. yo parents is from grosse pointe i can smell it from here. i'm from hamtramck, it aint the hardest part of detroit but at least we real over here. come on guy, if this wasnt the inernet you wouldnt ever respond.everybody take note, riverside=rich kids
lmao @ 700/mo apartment=rich. If that's the case than half my city (ny) ain't real. We payin more than that to live in the HOOD.