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steady b (boogie down crew) and his rap partner (forgot his name) robbed a bank once their record relations went sour and they were dead broke. durring the bank robbery, his partner in crime accidently shot a female officer, sending steady b and the other dude to 75+ years in prision i think.

going along with that esham beat down story:

bizarre once scraped with esham in detroit, the result was esham had a ruptured eyeball, concusion, and loss of hearing in his left ear.

ras kass accused Alchemist of sellin the same beats more then once

The RZA stole most of his early producing tools (keyboard, etc.)

The same girl who broke RZA's virginity taught him how to play chess.

Masta k*lla started rapping not long before he joined the Wu.

GZA didn't want to be on TRIUMPH after he heard Inspectah Deck's verse (I think it was Inspectah Deck). GZA was so blown away by his verse, that he felt he couldn't touch it all.

Tommy Boy Records took HOUSE OF PAIN over the WU-TANG CLAN

The Sugarhill Gang was originally a boy band.

Kool Keith has spent time in a mental hospital

mobb deep use to be known as poetical prophets and did afrocentric rap.

willie dee from the geto boys knocked out grandmaster melle mel in a bronx boxing tournament.

Bushwick Bill's girl shot him in his head, popping his one eye while she was on some drugs. Bushwick Bill survived and that's the reason why he has that eyepatch.
Bushwick Bill does also live in a trailor and travels around the country.

biggie was suppose to leave LA early to promote in london but decided to stay in LA because he enjoyed the city. he was then murdered.

mr.lif use to be a second grade teacher.

mase was the first rapper to get a million dollar contract.

kool keith and dmx use to collect bugs

krayzie bone is a jehova's witness.

dre didn't like snoop's rapping at first when they met.

krayzie bone is singing "gangsta party" on the track but was uncredited.

canibus is allergic to sea food.

just blaze got into producing to buy video games.

swizz beats was gonna be taught how to produce by irv gotti but irv never got around to it, so swizz learned on his own.

suge knight told jermain dupri to leave in five minutes when they met at a nightclub.

beanie Seagil use to own a hot dog stand.

eminem took young zee and pacewon's verses off amityville because they wouldn't change them.

young zee and rah digga are married and have a child together.

the outsiderz use to let eminem sleep on their floor when he was broke.

kid rock sent a demo to bad boy and nelly sent a demo to rocafella and so so def, both were turned down. the a&rs at roc-a-fella and bad boy were then fired.

mc hammer apparently dissed redman in a track somewhere.

dmx thought biggie was soft seeing biggie act playful in the studio.

twista's first two albums went gold with nearly no promotion.

proof use to be an eminem hype man.

RZA cut up about 7 records to make "Knowledge God" on Raekwon's debut.

Raekwon and Biggie had beef, but it never escalated

Method man used to work at the statue of liberty for $120 a week.

A source artist (pictures and stuff) was going home one day when a black van pulled up (Wu-tang) and Masta k*lla asked if he was somebody and he said yes,then he was punched by masta k*lla and was told

camron use to have IBS (irital bowel syndrome) which causes the person to have uncontrolable bowel movments. durring a preformance of horse & carrige camron **** himself and ran off stage. jimmy kimmel made cracks about it when cam was on the show.

Tupac once heard a group of people were looking for him, so he went home, strapped his a*s with every gun he had, knocked on their door, and yelled, "YOU LOOKIN' FOR ME?". They respected him for that...

Jay-z info

Jay-Z has one brother and two sisters.

He was raised in the (infamous) Marcy Projects.

He attended the same Brooklyn high school as Biggie Smalls and Busta Rhymes.

Shawn's parents got a divorce when he was 12.

Before blowing up, Jay-Z worked as a cashier at a Kentucky Fried Chicken where he met future collaborator, Memphis Bleek .

Shawn started hustling at the age of 16 to help finance his love of making records.

His first recordings were with underground sensation Big Jaz.

Jay-Z didn't have any substantial success until he did for himself. At the urging of entrepreneur Damon Dash (fiancée to the late Aaliyah), Jay-Z set-up a Roc-A-Fella imprint in 1996 with Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke as partners.

cam had a scholarship to go to school for playing basketball.

redman and methodman met at a kriss kross album release party.

scarface was ordered to stop touring after his heart attack but kept doing shows.

in honor of OJ simpson, doris jackson (cube's mom) named cube o'shea jackson so his innitals would be OJ.

dr.dre's name came from julius irving, his favorite basketball player.

missy elliot scored 170 on her IQ test, certified genius.

when ice cube was 16 he was in a group called CIA and dre produced for them.

eazy-e was going to work at the post office if rap did not work for him since he wanted to live legit.

swifty replaced bugz after he died.

redman whooped a sound technican's a*s when he had technical problems with his tv the technician would not cover.

Big Lurch aka Antron Singleton, rapper from Texas was recently served with life sentence in prison. This is due to the tearing open of 21 year old Tynisha Ysais' chest and eating of her lung, brutally k*lling her her under the influence of PCP. And yes, this is really true!!

Nas recorded his first demo tape in 1989.
Heads started referring to Nas as "nasty" and it became his nickname.

Busta Rhymes called the police when his ex-girlfriend?
came to his crib with a copy of keys and did 2000+ dollars in damage.she also pulled out busta's current girlfriends hair.

Prodigy has sickle cell anemia

Masta k*lla once punched out a reporter for NBC (just before Wu-Tang Forever dropped). The reporter asked him "when is you next album coming out?", and he replied "when you wake up" and knocked them out.

The Gza doesn't do solo performances.

ODB was once arrested for stealing a shoe (not a pair, just one shoe).

Joe Buddens brother pulled a gun on him over a sandwich

I slept with Christina Milian >_>

Soulja Slim was once signed to Cash Money records

If I remember correctly on a s*x skit on Biggy Smalls "Life After death" he was actually in the studio bangin some chick.

The Only Built 4 Cuban Linx title comes from the chains that Rae and Ghost use to rock.

The real name of OB4CL was "Only Built For Cuban Linx Ni**az",

eminem was robbed by someone who cooked an egg in his house and accidently left his coat. the robber came back to get the coat.

nas's full name is Nasir bin olu dara jones

Camron pulled a gun out on his doctors because he kept coming to the hospital and he was never told what was wrong with him (I need to do that one day).

Brotha Lynch always claims to be "half dead" because he was shot in the head, and they can't find the bullet.

During A Tribe Called Quest's peak, they were making a very decent amount of money from record sales, shows and appearences, but Q-Tip still had to sleep on his Mother's living room floor because he had no money after paying agent, manager and lawyer fees.

Necro, and his brother Ill Bill were raised by their Uncle Howie, who would shoot up heroin everynight and pass out in front of them.

It only cost Benefit $27.00 to make his (first and only) album. and he got $5,000 for winning a Napster contest ran by Chuck D.

Cage made his first album "Movies For The Blind" while working at Burger King, high on PCP.

MCA from The Beastie Boys had a fling with Madonna.

Violent J of ICP used to **** his pants quite often during school, then would be eventually chased around campus with his soiled underwear by bullies.

The Common/Ice Cube beef started over one single line in one of Common's songs. The line wasn't even directed towards the west coast negatively. There really was no big beef between the two rappers, which is why the beef simply ended after a sitdown talk.

50 cent put on a restraining order on all of murder inc after he was stabbed in the studio by Black Child.

That's enough for some more saved on my comp, which I'll post tomorrow or later.

Again, same with my first post in here..credits to the guys who gathered such infos, big up!
And props are still appreaciated!