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 Haissem said
- Styles p stab a guy in the club in the a*s for talking sh*t

- True Life robed prodigy in a studio cause prodigy used a verse that was suppose to be on tru life's album.

- Fat Joe was moveing most of the crack in the bronx in the late 80's
styles said he was havin a bad day (read it in source or xxl in an interview he did rite after his release)
tru life didnt rob p he wasnt even in the studio but he smacked up 1 onf his boys then p had tru life boy shot up and since then tru life been sayin he aint on that sh*t no mo and he grew past that sh*t..
and correction on the fat joe sh*t he was movin ALL of teh crack in the bx and was even holdin sum sh*t down in the bk... thats why till this day fat joe rich as sh*t and gets respect from everybody and is able to use the name CRACK!!!

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