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 LBoogie2122 said
tony yayo was not thoro in jail, he stayed in solitary the entire time outta fear

Biggie apparently wanted to mimic the production line up on Illmatic when doing Ready To Die. Puff shot down the idea

Nas had recorded a diss for Jay before Ether that only surfaced on the net

uncensored Version of "Lean Back" if you didnt kno,this was a diss

"If you Cross the line dead right I'm gonne Hurt you/
These Făġġĩt Nĩġġā even made Gang Signs Commercial/
Even Lil Bow Wow Throwin' it Up/
B2K Crip Walkin' like thats What's Up!/"

fabolous is dominican

maxwell is wild jungle homo,seriously :thumbsdow :thumbsdow

Hurd fab was Guyanese? j/w