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 LBoogie2122 said
this is mentioned in this weeks episode of bet's american gangster series feat Fat Cat Nichols & Pappy Mason

somebody quoted this earlier with doubts of its authenticity
LL mentioned this on his last album I think. He said something about going to Atlantic City with Alpo with everybody on the back of motorcycles or some sh*t.

I have a question, or 2...

1 - Since when did you have to catch a case to be considered thorough? I know n*ggas that hustle now and older n*ggas from the 80s that got money and aint never been to jail. I think it was Jada who said "I aint never been to jail and dont aspire to either".

2 - Theres plenty of people who came from well off families who still dabbled in the streets. Just because a n*ggas mama has money doesnt mean she gives it to him, he has to go out and get it some how and if thats in the streets, so be it. Dame Dash went to boarding school but nobody questions how he put himself through it.