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twista never gangbanged or was any kind of hustler. he has a rep in chicago for being soft, crying over chicks ect. even after adrenaline rush dropped he was hitting up peoples cribs for food.

young buck did ghet his chain snatched in chicago, and never got it back regardless of the bs lies he tells in interviews and on camera( hip hop is as fake as hollywood these days). he didnt actually get robbed, it was his boy who he let borrow it, hit the club and got robbed by a click out here called the goon squad. they reached out to bump j to try n get it back, as bump j was trying to get it back for em, they called and said fu*k it, they didnt want it, so he was like sh*t fu*k it i dont want it. ( this is confirmed by bump j on youtube)

t.i. isnt from bankhead, hes from a suburb called riverdale. he was born in bankhead, but moved out at a young age. he had relatives that were from bankhead, he tagged along with them and they got him his ghetto pass so he started claiming that sh*t. His drug sales and credibility as a hustler is exaggerated in his music, he was a small time corner guy, he never saw keys, busted guns ect. he had a verse (i refuse to work a 9-5), but he actually had a job at the airport.

ciara had a rep in high school for sleeping around to fit in

nobody in chicago fu*ks with r kelly like that, not even his own people(relatives)

to be continued.........