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I know for a fact that the justi ice shotgun ish is true and that mc shan saved poet's life. it wasn't because he dissed krs, he directly dissed just ice. i also heard that it was just ice, not krs one that threw pm dawn off the stage too.

and it wasn't eric b that ran g rap off it was bill blass. i would've ran too! lol

mase damn sure got ran off

lil kim's ex man bodied the dude that shot 50 for other reasons

zulu nation was ready to do wrex and effects in after their people (not them) jumped q-tip. I heard bambataa calmed that down

of course caz wrote rapper's delight. they spell out his name (casanova) on the song

pharrel was under teddy that's true

that paid in full picture is one of the most gangster pictures ever. it's supreme magnetic, bill blass, kool g rap, 50 cent (i think), and some other dudes. that was fort greene gangsta right there.

And one I heard Biggie once slapped the sh*t outta puffy in front of DJ Enuff. allegedly, enuff told someone it was over money. dj enuff was the producer of one of the get money remixes at the time

supposedly, big meech from bmf k*lled puff's bodyguard wolf in atl over a confrontation about a female

and eric b. was/is a certified gangsta and that paid in full/fort greene crew terrified a lot of dudes in the rap game and out

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