Thread: Video in this thread The internet is killing CW's Batwoman
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 GodBody said
Most if not all of the complaints about BW that I’ve seen revolves around feminism and Ruby’s “bad acting”. I haven’t seen anyone mention anything about her being Gay. Mainly because they’re familiar with the characters s*xuality.

After Luke Fox makes a comment about the Bat suit being perfect, and Ruby replies that "It'll be better when it fits a woman", or something like that it just seems so cringe and unnatural. It would have made way more sense and more natural for her to say "when it fits me". But that's just CW being CW...that's pretty much the entire first season of Supergirl.

As for her acting....I want to tear me eyes & ears out. I'm all for a Batwoman show, but this looks horrible so far. I'm starting to see why she played a mute in John Wick 2....which she actually did really well in that role She's got a dope look, and that's about it.