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May 16 - Did 50 Cent Lie About Getting Shot 9 Times?!

According to the police report MediaTakeOut obtained 50 Cent a.k.a. Curtis Jackson was only shot 3 times, which is a lot different than the 9 shots he claims to have taken! Also, the way he has glorified his shooting in music videos and his movie depict the shooting to be a lot harder than it was, showing him boldly being blasted on walking down the street and insinuates that it was drug related. Even MTV knows he was just caught sitting in his car. My question to 50 cent is how did you REALLY get shot and how did you WANT to be shot? And I guess 3 shots were enough for him to get dropped…dropped from his record label!!!

And his current record label must be just as confused about his shooting as we all are! They say he was shot in April in his biography but the real date was May 24th. .. /view/2810/35/

Secondary source:


 http://img187.imageshack. .. notshotnf1.jpg

Ja Rule must be wailing his midgit arms with happiness right now... again. image

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