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 Big Bear said
The show is better with ice and ish

The uncle podcast
 S-Class said
The show is better when they ainít pandering and saying bullsh*t to keep industry ties. I havenít watched a full Ice and Ish episode but Iím guessing itís better because they can say what they want because thatís not their gig

Iíd completely convert to Gillie if they ainít have guests every episode but at the same time I ainít tryna hear Uncle energy all the time. We need a pod with some young n*ggas thatís saying whatever they want. Kinda like Joe nem use to be
I remember back in the day, one of my favorite episodes was right after Marissa got fired and Ice was on there, it was the first episode they had that was damn near 4 hours and it was quality the whole time.

I eventually stopped listening because Joe and Rory were in relationships and couldn't tell any good stories, and all of them were being scared to state any opinion because their connections.

If they keep Ice and other dude on there I might actually have to listen to the podcast again.