Thread: Video in this thread Kanye West invents FIRE Board Game!
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 brooklynzfinest said
My program has a 98% high school graduation rate and 93% retention and college graduation rate...those are facts. Sincerely feel bad for yourself...

lol again only on BX can u not say a celebrity made up game is stupid without u being "full of negativity and hate" ...u n*ggas believe the dumb sh*t u write? like fr?

Son said 'Basic bi*ch' vs. 'snobby bi*ch' as an example of how it can be used positively? U stans will say anything...rofl@have fun while learning when Ye said "it's a bored game"...please mr. scholar, enlighten me now on how bored can be used in a positive way and synonymous with fun.

Btw, far from miserable...get paid handsomely to make a positive impact on these kids' lives.
It's a game you play when you're bored, you know, to try and have fun

bruh, you're blatantly fu*king retarded

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