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 PackerTrelli3 said
Thatís true... but in music, yea itís good, but do we ever go to whatís played today in the south for any kind of knowledge, insight? Itís dumb, ignorant, catchy, fun music.

Its like, u may love someone like NLE choppa music. All in ur house, the gym, car etc... but even tho u support the music, would u approve his advice on politics? On investing money? On relationship status? Hell nah! But u still like his music.

Same way u may like a girl as a friend. Always callin, textin, chillin out to smoke etc.... but youíd never date or marry her. U know that down in the south, our music has always been known to be just fun music. not all. But the jist of the south is: Chains, cars, odd slangs.... then sh*t like incest, country accents, stupidity etc. weíre not looked at as intelligent. So itís EASY for a northern or westcoast n*gga to fire on someone like Kodak who already sound illiterate and slow. U damn right! n*ggas be itching for a southern n*gga to get outta line
UGK, Scarface, Z-Ro, Goodie Mob, Dungeon Family, all the old southern legends had more content that both east and west coast. New south is lame tho besides a few like Nefew.